Incorporated in 1947

6/21/2017 - To: Residents of Beverly,
Good evening to you. I am writing this letter not only to inform you, but also to ask for everyone’s help.
We the dedicated Volunteer Members of the Beverly-Edgewater Park Emergency Squad just recently learned that the City Council has decided to put out for bid the Emergency Medical Services in this town. We and many of you only heard of this decision by going onto the Website of Beverly City, unfortunately were never informed or sent notice by city officials and we are saddened by this.
The Beverly-Edgewater Park Emergency Squad has been serving Beverly City and Edgewater Park with VOLUNTEERS since 1947. These volunteers have given many long hours, away from family events and gatherings. They continually go to classes, on their own time, to be educated on the latest treatments in Medical Services so they can provide the best services to the City.
After 2009 we had some disgraceful members that unfortunately damaged the squads growing attributes and part-time paid services. The actions of some of these members lead to criminal complaints and those accused were immediately removed from the organization. The aftermath of these actions led to the squad becoming part of a political dispute in which we lost the contract to provide services to the residents of Edgewater Park. This loss placed a heavy financial strain on the organization and even though we lost our part-time paid personnel we continued to staff our ambulances with a group of dedicated volunteers. Why am I telling you this? Because you as residents of Beverly City are on the verge of losing a great community oriented organization that has not only been there for emergency calls, but has been a pillar of the community for many years. We are very proud and honored to hold events for the children of our city like The Christmas workshop, the Memorial Day Parade and the Easter Egg Hunt. Each year we sponsor an open house, visit the schools and provide training for CPR. These are the small things that people forget. We do this all on our own time for you and your families.
People may say, “Well you bill, and doesn’t that give you monies?” The answer to that is yes and no. Yes, we do bill for services rendered, however the insurance companies have the overall decision to either pay the bill or not. If they deem the services were not medically necessary then they do not pay. We are caught in catch 22, because if an insurance company does not pay, we DO NOT put bills into collections on any residents, through what is called soft billing.
We need your donations now more than ever, and we would like you to attend the township meeting and voice your opinions and concerns. We have set up links through GoFundMe, Pay Pal, Amazon Smile, and have been working with due diligence to find grants to once again have paid personnel on call during the day. However, at this time, we do have contingences in place during the day due to 90% of our volunteers having jobs to go to. You are never without services, but we would like to continue to rebuild and have our own staff on 24hr/7 days a week, but we can only do it with your support.
Respectfully: DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS of Beverly-Edgewater Park Emergency Squad